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The idea of Boba Fett surviving the battle of carkoon is another of those instances where I think George Lucas infamously changed his mind publicly and tried to pretend he “always intended” it to be otherwise. I just don’t believe him, that alongside Han Solo shooting after Greedo misses him at point blank range for no reason… and also the idea that Anakin’s body disappears off of the funeral pyre at the end of Return of the Jedi leaving the “hollow armor behind.” I’m with the Michael Kaminski general impression that while we can’t know what was in GL’s head all those years ago (only he can answer that question, if he remembers), but we can only go by what evidence shows and common sense dictates is most likely.

It’s interesting to imagine what the movies would have been like if Luke and Leia were married, or everyone was a little person or Chewbacca looked more like Greedo, but those weren’t the films that were released, that mesmerized the world and launched this fandom.

He changed his mind, which is fine, but the movie is already made, and pretending what we’re seeing with our own eyes all those years didn’t happen is just annoying. I’m not against remakes, just dishonest revisionism by filmmakers.

I also wouldn’t buy for a second the excuse of “they wouldn’t let me do it/the technology didn’t exist back then” either.

People still like Boba Fett after all this time, despite much disappointment with the usage of the character outside the movies that was obviously done in order to cash in on that curiosity. Good luck! (and welcome back to Adywan)

I’ve always been interested in the idea of someone doing a “better” Special Edition than we got with errors corrected and poor choices removed or smoothed over, and that’s why I’ve followed these projects even though I’ve long since joined that part of the fandom that prefers just a cleaned up, visually and audibly optimized accurate as possible presentation of the original theatrical presentations of the classic films.

Now if he decides that the movies need to blend better with changes introduced in The Mandalorian and its spinoffs (Book of Boba Fett, and the new Obi-Wan series), see my comments on using Rogue One to revise the movies. I dislike that, but it’s not my project, though if my vote counts I say “no.” Using footage to try to supplement something (a nice shot of an X-Wing that you needed as opposed to taking some new creation and shoe-horning it into the old movie) is another thing entirely, in my view. I freely admit my opinion is “out of touch” with a seemingly rising number of fans who prefer these tv shows to the movies, or see the classic films as antiquated or even embarrassing compared to later installments but I’m happy to disagree with them.

Now that Dave Prowse (R.I.P) has passed away, if that footage of him in his elder years having the Vader mask removed from his face on camera was ever released, it would be neat to see THAT inserted into the movie, but at the same time I’d still cling to the version I grew up watching, from 1983 without the change, just as it lacked the Hayden cameo in ghostly form after.