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GAME OF THRONES - FILMS I-X [Community Thread]
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29-Mar-2022, 1:33 PM

CMMAP said:

Mate, what did you do with the beginning of your fifth movie? How you chose to tell the story where Sansa was in such a brief time is damn brilliant!
5th movie also flawless in my book.

Will be looking forward to what‘ll you do with light of the seven when everything is blown up with wildfire.
Do you already have in mind how to tackle the last two seasons?

Thank you once again, my friend! I am happy my opening caught you by a happy surprise! I wanted the film to begin with a sort of murder mystery vibe.

There will (most likely) be ten films. The sixth one will tackle parts of Season 5 and Season 6, and the seventh one the latter part of Season 6.

Film 8, 9 and 10 will cover the remaining material left over from Season 6 and of course the contents of Season 7 and 8. There are reasons for this.

  1. To give more “meat” to the last two films (/seasons), so as to remove as much fast travel, uninteresting side plots and stupid dialogue as possible.

  2. To create an epic finale worth of three film’s content.