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Bobson Dugnutt
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The Empire Strikes Back - Expanded Edition (Work in Progress)
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28-Mar-2022, 8:12 AM

A slow work in progress of an extended cut of ESB. There’s a lot of stuff out there from a lot of sources, so I’m not 100% on exactly what I will and won’t use. I’ve finished a pass most of the Hoth section of the film so far.

Extended Opening

Extended Medical Bay

Han/Leia Arguemnt

Rough Wampa Attack (almost no sound mix)

Obviously none of these clips are 100% finished yet, and the sound design (more than anything) needs a lot of work as most deleted clips are silent or have an extremely minimilist sound mix using only on-set audio. If anyone wan’t to help out with sound design, I’d be more than happy to work with you.

ADDITIONS (so far)

  • added additional shot of Probe Droid rising up after landing
  • added exteneded scene of the Wampa attacking Luke
  • added extended scene with Han telling Chewie he’ll be right back
  • added extended Echo Base argument with Han/Leia
  • added a Wampa attacking Echo Base
  • added extended Medical Bay scene
  • added C-3PO ripping the sign off the Wampa trap door
  • added a Snowtrooper being pulled into the Wampa trap room

With all of those scenes back, the film runs at 2:09:22 vs the theatrical 2:04:54. Obviously there is going to be more additions and trims and all that to get the deleted scenes and moments to all work as best I can.

I plan on making one version with the finished colour scene, and another with the unfinished B/W ones, since there is a lot of interesting stuff in these exclusively monochromatic scenes.