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Question about 4K77 vs TN1 SSE
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27-Mar-2022, 2:45 PM
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27-Mar-2022, 2:46 PM
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Thank you, this explains a lot but it also complicates a lot. I seem to like 4K77 more as a middle ground for me. I like the bright colors and the green tint, it feels unfiltered but at the same time very cartoony, like the film itself. But SSE, I like how faded and more pale it looks.

I guess my final question is, how come the visual quality of SSE seemingly has more grain? I looked at 4k77, then SSE, and 4K77 (despite being scanned at a higher resolution and all) has much more detail and SSE feels more raw. I read somewhere online (don’t butcher me if I’m wrong here), that SSE was based on a third generation print, while 4K77 was based on second generation? Would that be correct, or am I mistaken here?

(I admire the ambition behind this community and TN1 but man all of this is hard to digest sometimes lol)