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2011 Blu-ray Style Sequel Trilogy Case Cover
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26-Mar-2022, 3:26 PM

Mxylv said:

CarboniteSolo said:


This is one I did a while back, I didn’t do any of the art, but I put it together. All that’s missing is the splatter paint, like the other two covers.

Nice! That’s definitely closer to the original layout. What you said about the splatter paint has me thinking, though; I found a few free watercolor splashes and decided to try them out on mine. I’m not sure I like the front as much, but I feel way more satisfied with the back now.

My updated cover, which now frames shots from the films with paint splatters

Thanks, it’s a little dark on mine, also a little busy, I might work on it tonight and maybe make the characters smaller, but also brighten the image a tad.

I like yours, it’s very original and close to the other two covers. Good job. I’m still learning right now, but I’ll get there someday.