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Rewriting "Star Wars: The Old Republic"
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25-Mar-2022, 5:44 PM
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25-Mar-2022, 8:12 PM
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My thinking is for there to not be an MMO and for the following rewrites to KOTOR and KOTOR II:

  • Move KOTOR to 2000 BBY and make Revan the Sith “founder” from the TPM novelization. This would flesh out the Jedi-Sith history mentioned in the TPM novelization, reduce the amount of redundant Sith rebirths, give time for technology, the Jedi, and the Mandalorians to change from what we see in Tales of the Jedi to what we see in KOTOR, explain why we don’t see characters from TOTJ in KOTOR, and allow the characters of TOTJ to have a happy ending. I also feel that it would make sense for the “founding of the Sith” referenced in the TPM novelization to be the beginning of the “Darth” title and red lightsabers.

  • Move KOTOR II to the Republic Dark Age. Kreia’s cynicism fits the Republic Dark Age, it would be a chance to flesh out the Republic Dark Age, removes redundant events in the timeline, and it taking place 900 years after KOTOR I would explain why Kreia sees Revan as a messiah rather than as a contemporary.

  • Remove all the references to Vitiate and his empire from the KOTOR games.