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Grand Master_ Luke Flywalker
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A New Hope Closer to Canon Edition
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25-Mar-2022, 4:56 PM

[DylanB18 said:] (post/id/1477324)

thx! g&g fan!

personally, the Vader line change is because I feel its a better response to: ‘’ don’t try to fool us with your sorcerers ways ‘’

about the romantic stuff, the only thing in my mind to be removed is the part were Luke says: She’s beautiful, so I will look into that.

on another note, I’m trying to make Beru a bit younger (and I gave her a bit more upper lip), please tell me your opinion guys and gals:

canonically Owen and Beru should look younger so I removed some wrinkles.

I won’t make obi wan younger, tbh Alec looked very good for his age and didn’t have that may wrinkles in his face compared to Owen and Beru

Owen will be the next one to be made a bit younger

It looks great!