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Did Lucas forget that Obi Wan served Bail Organa in the Clone Wars ?
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22-Mar-2022, 7:19 PM
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Stardust1138 said:

Emre1601 said:

It is disappointing to see you think so low of peoples’ opinions when they do align with yours. And that you insult others and dismiss the opinions of those who are critical of George and Prequels in this manner. But at least your opinion on people who think differently is clear.

It’s not the people themselves that I take an issue with as they have every right to their opinion. Sometimes I even find myself agreeing on a personal level. Everyone has an opinion and in life we’re not meant to always agree on everything but that’s where human sympathy is more valuable. It’s inevitable that we can’t all see eye to eye on every little thing. However an opinion is different from being able to view things from an artistic standpoint of visual literacy and everything else I’m hammering on and on about. I’m stopping though as I see now nobody wants to ask the questions of why or how but merely what reinforces their opinions on what something is supposed to be. It’s a sad thing to me how some can’t see the difference between having a personal opinion on something and reading things for what the artist intended or did in fact include in their works.

I was serious when I suggested you start a “visual literacy” thread - separate to other threads focusing about what happens on screen. Some people may not agree with or be too engaged in it, and that it doesn’t affects their view of what occurs in the films onscreen, but it is still an interesting and alternative way of viewing films (and films outside of Star Wars too).

Many people did not like or agree with the Star Wars ring theory. That may be because it brought little to what the they had see and experienced onscreen, and it could have done without the subtitle “the hidden artistry of the Prequels” as much of it was already known, but not in a central hub as Mike Klimo had taken the time and effort to compile. But it was still interesting feature to read about and learn.

I too will not mention this again as it is not what the focus of the thread is about.