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Darth telly
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Lion King Theatrical unaltered version recreated and remastered (W.I.P. at the moment)
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20-Mar-2022, 3:35 AM

ValenStudios said:

Oh THANK YOU!!! I’d love to see the print immediately, but first, I need to know what condition is it exactly beyond just “not perfect”? Does it have any scratches, cigar marks, splices, what are we talking here? I hope it’s nothing too severe and can be taken care of, as well as what aspect ratio are we talking with this print. Because from what I’m aware of, the theatrical and Laserdisc intended aspect ratio is 1:85.1, matted from the original CAPS 1:66.1 (as seen in the 2003 DVD) and as I’ve seen from 35mm scans to Disney animated movies from the 80’s and 90’s, they seem to be open matte-ish only to have a soft matte for theaters to take care of (and some being hard mattes), I wouldn’t mind either aspect ratio although kind of ironic for what the project is for, I’d prefer if the print would be 1:66.1 uncropped for the project but that wouldn’t mean I won’t give the option for 1:85.1.

The current 4k version on Itunes is 1.66:1.