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REY NOBODY - A Collaborative Thread
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19-Mar-2022, 7:46 AM

fidodido said:

Alright: In my eyes, the scene on Ahch-To is a key sequence of the film: instead of exiling herself, Rey (guided by Luke) realizes that she must fight for what she stands for. Now, if one simply strips away any reference to her origins, very little remains of the scene.

I wasted hours and days trying to somehow change the message of the scene, inserting lines from other Mark Hamill films and even interviews. Nothing was remotely satisfactory.

I’ve recently tried something different: Luke challenges Rey to reflect on herself again (“I’m scared of myself” “OK, but who exactly are YOU?”). She realizes that she is not only much more than her dark visions, but above all that she can choose who she wants to be (“This is your journey”).

So here is my attempt at the scene:
PW: fanedit

It’s certainly not good and I’m a complete newbie to editing, but maybe it’ll at least serve as an inspiration for you pros.
(I especially want to expand her thoughts/memories of her “good” side in contrast to her dark visions. Oh, and my edit is centered around the theme of “Balance”, hence the the line by Luke)

That’s very cool!

I don’t know that you need the last bit of new dialogue from Luke. You could leave it with the original “confronting fear is the destiny of a Jedi” because the vision gets the point across fine on its own.

I’ve been struggling with this scene in my edit, so I might play around with this idea. Cool stuff!