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Star Wars ANH-X (the eXtended version) (WIP)
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17-Mar-2022, 11:46 PM
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18-Mar-2022, 12:21 AM
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Some progress on this…

To refresh your memory about this project, it is ANH (Adywan version as base w/~45 additional scenes (New from radio drama, deleted restored etc.) I mentioned prior that I was going to release some clips beginning of March but of course are behind as restoring deleted scenes that have dust, scratches and color fix is taking far more time than I thought. The Luke and treadwell scene is a nightmare…probably the worst of the deleted to try and restore, However; making progress and are about 85% through it. As such, I will need a few more weeks for the first draft of this scene …see below description:

• Luke w/treadwell on the surface
Essentially the deleted scene, but fully restored and re-edited to fit proper pacing of where it would go in the film + significantly more audio courtesy of the radio drama version. Luke sees the ships from the surface and includes an updated macrobinocular view & few more shots of treadwell and Version 2 of this to come later and will have Luke from a few different angles to improve the flow of this scene + improved binocular view with ships instead of the 1977 triangles representation of 2 ships? Scebe ends with Luke leaving in landspeeder to tell his friends what he has seen.

Below are some more links to some finished extra scenes that are completed:
Note: Google drive 1080P does not represent true 1080P clarity (to say the least)

-Troopers search hallway doors immediately after entering the Tantive Compare to original cut

-Troopers search hallway doors compare to original unrestored version
Extra deleted scene of troopers searching hallway doors immediately after entering Tantive. Gives a sense that the troopers are checking each door first before proceeding through the halls - laser bolts added here, dust and scratch removal etc.

Extended scene of droids looking for escape pod as taken from the Radio Drama, here there is more dialogue and extended scenes before they get in plus more dialogue inside the pod itself after launching.

Note:some of the comparison with the original scene varies from actual original version in that it is always a challenge to compare an extended version with slightly different edit choices and keep the audio for both in sync. With that disclaimer, know that the “original” consist of maybe 95% and of what purist know as the “original” and is not intended to be a 1:1, but close to see a before and after and in respect to what is added in the “X” version