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Should Palpatine have been the one to say “To be angry is to be human”?
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11-Mar-2022, 4:48 PM
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StarkillerAG said:

I guess the line about anger does have some value, but I still think it’s weird that Padme is so understanding after Anakin just went on a borderline psychopathic rant about slaughtering an entire village. It feels really out-of-character, especially given how shocked Padme is that Anakin did the exact same thing to the Jedi temple in ROTS.

Keep in mind Padme also only knows the Tusken Raiders as “walk like men, but they’re vicious, mindless monsters” according to Cliegg Lars. She has no reason to doubt him and that the Lars aren’t good people. Anakin himself tells her that before he sets off if it wasn’t enough to be shown. She also knew Shmi personally and was just as shocked later that he fell to the Dark Side as she was about the younglings. She knows for a fact the younglings are innocents. The context around both circumstances is different enough to blur the lines. It doesn’t justify her excusing Anakin for what he did to the Tuskens but it does paint a picture as to how she could make the leap with the greater thematic issue throughout the film and what’s happening within that part of galactic history.

It also in a way carries over to the next film as Anakin promises both Padme and Shmi at her gravestone that he won’t fail again at saving those he loves. This is his entire downfall in Revenge of the Sith. I truly don’t think issues and actions are as rushed as some believe them to be with his fall. It’s been happening from the very beginning in The Phantom Menace. It’s just very subtly done and not rushing to get there as there’s no story to Anakin being in the suit except to create a mindless monster. He’s not one. He might be created as a Frankenstein monster when he became Darth Vader in the suit but Anakin himself isn’t one. Anakin was a good person that fell to temptation through a pact with the devil and his inability to let go.