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I wish someone would ask Kathleen Kennedy about the original versions of the movies
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2-Mar-2022, 7:02 PM
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2-Mar-2022, 7:06 PM
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Stardust1138 said:

She gave her answer in an interview at Celebration 2017.

No she didn’t.

Kennedy said she wouldn’t make more changes to the films, and nothing at all about the unaltered theatrical versions.

It was presented as what you allude to and others in the lazy clickbait media, as that awful movieweb article did, but when you actually take the time to read Kennedy’s quotes from the interview it is obvious that is not what she was referring to.

Interviewer: “A lot has been said about the pass over to Disney, but Star Wars is film of changes… it has evolved over time. Uh, is there like, a contractual or a handshake agreement that the films are locked in their current form?”.

Kathleen Kennedy: “No, there is no-one actually locking us into anything. In fact, the beauty of this relationship with The Walt Disney Company is they have been absolutely fantastic at standing back and pretty much letting us do what we want.”

Interviewer: “Sorry, I mean like the… the vision of George’s final cut of the film that he left us with? Like whether that might be altered over time?”

Kathleen Kennedy: “You mean the themes and ideas in the six movies he has made?”

Interviewer: “Just the Edits… he has changed over time… like the Special Editions and that sort of thing…”

Kathleen Kennedy: “Oh! I haven’t touched those. (laughs) You kidding? Those will always remain his.”

The 2017 interview with Kathleen Kennedy:

darklordoftech said:

Lucas was often asked about the original versions and Kennedy has been asked about further changes to the movies, but Kennedy has never been asked about the original versions.

Somebody really should, or others high up at Lucasfilm or Disney. Fans probably can’t get get near anyone to ask the question, though journalists should be able to, but for some reason never ask the question.