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The Unpopular Film, TV, Music, Art, Books, Comics, Games, & Technology Opinion Thread (for all you contrarians!)
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23-Feb-2022, 11:50 PM

The creative spark, and life of Star Wars is George Lucas. I think Disney Star Wars is Star Wars in name only. Its creatively bankrupt, has nothing to say and completely uncreative. A bunch of noise and explosions and special effects. It’s exactly what Star Wars would have been if it was a Hollywood product.

Largely a complaint aimed at the sequel trilogy and JJ Abrams.

They got away with it in force awakens by making a fun movie after the execrable prequels, we thought it was a return to the good old star wars movies. Then we saw how they treated the legacy characters. Luke Skywalker a worthless maguffin. JJ was the absolute worst choice. Ruined the lore, and any potential for any more movies with these characters in the Saga.