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The Rise of Skywalker: Untold (WIP)
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22-Feb-2022, 6:08 PM

arabian said:

This sounds mostly really awesome. A few things:

I want the Rey/Ben kiss. So yeah, that doesn’t work for me. Also don’t like that Ben clearly still dies, but so much of this does sound great.

Seocond, erm: --> Four words haven’t made so little sense in a Star Wars movie since “I don’t like sand.”


That was a brilliant line (badly delivered). It was about Tatooine and all that it represented, and like he said the opposite of what Padme was. It just meant so much and was (a) a callback to his childhood as a slave, being owned by someone, and the freedom that his mother never got, and (b) foreshadowing for what was to come with Shmi’s death because “sand” was representative of Tatooine.

Ahem, sorry. Just had to get that out.

Ha! I knew someone would call me on that! It was just a little joke, don’t worry. (“Certain point of view” is honestly much more contrived, if less of a meme.)

I’ll keep an open mind on the kiss. Mainly, I remember dreading it in the theatre, and then I completely deflated when it actually happened. But who knows? Maybe I’ll be like Rey - suffering an abusive relationship with this story for so long that I eventually embrace it romantically. 😉

I will say that I never picked up on much sexual tension between the two of them (other than maybe the shirtless scene in TLJ). So really, it just feels like a very…I dunno, unhealthy foundation for a romance. But I’m open to having my mind changed - goodness knows there’s still plenty of time for that to happen!