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Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker Redux Ideas thread
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18-Feb-2022, 11:38 AM

Nindroid243 said:

sherlockpotter said:

Something I was thinking about adding - would there be some way to depict the Sith Destroyers beginning to leave Exegol? It would add some decent tension to the sequence (“Guys, it’s starting! We’re out of time!”) and it would help to establish how so many Destroyers have already traveled to other planets for the ending montage, when the whole battle is framed around the idea that “We have to stop them before they leave.” (Except for the one ship that blows up Kijimi.)

It could be easily done by recording a new line of dialogue from a random Resistance pilot somewhere - “Did you see that? Two of them just jumped into hyperspace!” - but I wonder if there’s some way of repurposing footage to depict it visually?

I am also using this idea in my own fan edit/fan film. The Idea is that Palpatine reorganizes The First Order into The Final Order, under General Pryde as leader of the entire fleet. This would work best probably by using The Fortnite broadcast message while ships are being deployed across the galaxy, while Poe and the Resistance are listening.

This is my Rough Cut- https://streamable.com/adrmda I know it’s very poor but it gets the concept of the scene.

Ha! I also wanted to pair Palpatine’s speech with the “Anthem of Evil” music! I like what you’re going for here with all of the ships invading the galaxy. Redubbing all of the dialogue would probably be a challenge, but I’d be interested in seeing how it could all come together! Maybe skipping the stuff with Poe and Merry in the beginning, and just starting from Rose’s “Listen, there’s a broadcast coming through”?