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Recutting TBOBF Chs. 5-7 into The Mandalorian Season 3's prologue?
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17-Feb-2022, 12:16 PM

So in my opinion, we don’t need the whole Building the Naboo Starfighter plot, if needed make it still happen with Book of Boba Fett, but I much rather just show some time between Seasons and Shows. This is what I was thinking.

  • Open with Mandalorian at the taun, taun butcher place, he then goes to get info

-Everything with Armor and Mando

-Visula vs Mando

-Armor assigns Mando his mission.

-Mando goes straight to Grogu

-We see Luke trainning Grogu

-We then get Mando and Ahsoka’s convo

-Luke and Ahsoka talks about Grogu

-Grogu Needs to Choose his choice

-Mando and Grogu leaves on Naboo 1 Starfighter