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Darth telly
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Preserving the...cringe...Star Wars Holiday Special (Released)
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13-Feb-2022, 11:25 PM

MattMahdi said:

Not an idiot.

It’s one of the earliest DVD transfers IIRC. Rikter distributed two versions: WMAR (that was the one with the commercials, right?) and another whose callsign I forget. I think it was too early for KCCI, but even if it wasn’t the video quality is definitely surpassed by more recent transfers.

(KCCI was seen as the gold standard for many years and it was distributed in a variety of forms. Seemed like everyone had their own menuing over the KCCI content. That was the second and last version I purchased, that one from OCP Movie. I then learned about this community and started zealously turning in sellers on eBay (whence came my first version).)

I really shouldn’t be answering a technical question without checking my information at home but I’m at a Super Bowl party and kinda bored…

Thank you, Can you PM me your copy of the angrysun please? I have been trying to gather recordings of all of the stations airings and all of the interviews with the cast and crew to eventually release as a Blu-ray image.