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Darth Sadifous
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Mando EP3: A New Path (A Book of Boba Fett Edit) [RELEASED]
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13-Feb-2022, 10:50 AM

CaptainFaraday said:

Boba spells out his motivation when he’s talking to Fennec - he’s sick of being a bounty hunter working for gang bosses who make stupid decisions based on short-term thinking that gets people killed and causes problems, and he thinks someone with his experience could do it better. The show is him finding out that he’s bitten off slightly more than he can chew and it’s a harder job than he thought.

You would think a bounty hunter of Boba’s caliber might plan ahead before muscling in on the underworld. It was such a missed opportunity not having the Tuskens be Boba’s “soldiers” in the syndicate war or at least a few arrive at the end to assist Boba in his final stand against the Pykes. Plus, it would have saved us hopefully the presence of the cringy Mods.Trying to take over the underworld with such few numbers really had me straining to suspend my disbelief. I also didn’t quite buy Boba’s modivation or lack there of for taking over Jabba’s former territory. Anyways, I disgress, I am very much looking to this edit saving this uneven series for me. Thanks Smudger!