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screams in the void
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Did Lucas forget that Obi Wan served Bail Organa in the Clone Wars ?
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11-Feb-2022, 8:53 PM
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11-Feb-2022, 8:55 PM
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screams in the void
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JadedSkywalker said:

I guess i was expecting more swashbuckling action Anakin following Obi Wan on a damn fool idealistic crusade.

Yoda being Obi Wan’s teacher, Leia’s mom dying on Alderaan when Leia was like 5 years old or something. Owen Lars being Obi Wan’s brother.

Luke’s father being a good friend and a great pilot. And i mean in the films not having to go to other media to get that characterization, like the Clone Wars.

Showing the actual clone war on screen, the purge of the Jedi by Vader. All the things hinted at during the filming of the OT.

^ yup , and I will add , Anakin telling Obi Wan that he wanted Luke to have his Lightsaber when he was old enough , Anakin falling into a molten pit while dueling Kenobi being an accident, rather than getting his arm and legs chopped off by him in self defense after which he stands there and leaves him burning to death , the Clone Wars being plural and happening on screen and not just the start and the end of them , with the rest being filled in by a cartoon . These were the things that stirred the imaginations of my friends and myself in the 80s while playing out the scenarios with our action figures in the sandbox and talking about them .