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The Book Of Boba Fett (live action series) - a general discussion thread - * SPOILERS *
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10-Feb-2022, 6:14 PM

I feel this episode puts the series in perspective for me.

Overall a good episode. I have felt all along that they had too few people. It shouldn’t have been just 2 Gamorrean Guards. And he should have been able to pick up a few people locally who wanted the same change. But then, as we’ve seen, a single Mandalorian comes to a fight worth as much as a squad of other troops. The armor and the toys make them formidable, and perhaps Boba Fett was counting on that. And Fennic Shand is nearly as effective herself. I just felt that there were too few on his side to start with. And then sitting there knowing that Cob Vance has been shot and likely isn’t coming and neither are his reinforcements.

I felt the Pike attack was wonderfully executed and I loved the scorpion droids (droidekkars on steroids). I did feel the timing of the Rancor arrival felt too quick. Is Jabba’s palace really that close to Mos Espa?

But other than that I loved this episode. I was disappointed that Grogu arrived with only R2, but in retrospect that is not surprising. It worked and kept the Boba Fett storyline away from the Luke/Ahsoka story line. I loved the showdown between Boba and Cad Bane. I loved that he won because of the Tusken training and weapon.

With this, I think it is clear that this series remains tightly tied to The Mandalorian. It is really a side story. I think they could have done quite a few things to make it better but I find no huge flaws with it. It is more lacking than badly done. With the way things worked out, I think Din’s scenes could have been spread out a bit rather than compacted into the final 3 episodes. I think the entire series should have been more like the final 2 episodes. The whole series would have benefitted. But the dialog portion of duel with Cad Bane really brought Boba’s story full circle and made this huge change Boba is trying to make tie in to his character origins. For those who wanted more OT Boba, that isn’t such a good thing, but for those of us who like complex characters, it is a fascinating and wonderful aspect to the story.

This series is definitely better than Resistance. It felt like one of those series of side stories in Clone Wars. Kind of like Boba’s episodes there. I think if you watched those episodes than this series, it would fit very well. Again, it could have been better, but overall really good.