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The Book Of Boba Fett (live action series) - a general discussion thread - * SPOILERS *
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9-Feb-2022, 5:40 AM

Well… yeah, to me the episode was ok. It was just ok to me, cool to see the rancor, cool to see some action, but at the end it was just ok, no better than the average Star Wars. Kind of ruined the finale of Mando season 2, i expected to see Din w/o Grogu for a bit and i hoped to see his decision only in season 3.

At the end i wonder why this whole series was important to begin with, looks like they added the Grogu/Din story to make it feel more important than what actually is for the big picture they’re building and sacrificed quality to make everything fit instead of just making a really good story and turn that characters that we already know into characters that we care and believe. But yeah, it was cool sometimes…

Now i’ll patiently continue to wait for the Kenobi series (i’m already thinking it will not be so good as i want it to be).

(I still can’t believe they just introduced Cad Bane in live action and killed him an episode later)