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Anakin should have become Darth Vader before the last 10 minutes of Episode III
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6-Feb-2022, 6:08 PM

I think there should have been more than 3 movies, the phantom menace should have been it’s own story with no Episode number. Something like “In the beginning…”

Episode II now the new Episode I
Episode III now being the Episode II

At the end of the new Episode II, the duel happens, Kenobi doesn’t see what happens to Anakin, he falls over and Kenobi assumes he’s dead. This is the cliffhanger Kenobi and Padme leave and the closest planet is Alderaan. Bail Organa greets Kenobi and the injured Padme. Meanwhile, the injured Anakin is found by the Emperor as they fly into space and iris out, it’s the end of the movie.

Episode III begins after the scroll as we follow the Emperor’s ship coming out of light speed and arriving on the planet. We see Darth Vader being assembled but we can’t see his face, it’s more like building a machine. We watch as the twins are born on Alderaan.

Yoda has the same talk with Bail and Kenobi, but Yoda takes Luke with him to Dagobah until Kenobi can figure out what’s happening with Chancellor Palpatine. He arrives on Coruscant and goes to his office to speak to him, but the guards won’t let him in.

Kenobi can sense something, something dark and evil, yet very familiar. He decides to leave and return later.

A scene of the Emperor talking to Vader about his planned Death Star project and how it’s already in production. This will keep the systems under control.

Vader wipeouts all remaining Jedi on Coruscant with his newly constructed red lightsaber.

The movie eventually leads up to Vader confronting Kenobi and it’s a draw, badly wounded, Kenobi flys to Dagobah to ask Master Yoda what they should do, he orders him to take young Luke to Tatooine to live with his family, he promises to watch over him.

Same ending of Episode III.