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Community Focus Thread 1: The Phantom Menace
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29-Jan-2022, 5:15 PM

I’ve seen someone take the scene of Dooku landing on Coruscant and talking to Sidious in AOTC and recontextualising it in TPM, but I don’t remember who it was or how they did it.

Two things I’d never realised until reading Eddie’s plot summary:

  • Why does Sidious want to invade Naboo? Why the fixation on recapturing Padme?
  • When exactly do Padme and the decoy switch places? She introduces herself to everyone as “Padme” when she’s pretending to be a handmaiden; do people not know that’s Queen Amidala’s first name?

In terms of what to do with Jar Jar, I’ve always liked Hal’s approach in Cloak of Deception, to recontextualise him as a stressed-out everyman who’s in over his head with a few judicious cuts. I’m curious about the redubbing and subtitling attempts though - I’ve not seen many of the edits on the list, so if anyone has links to the edits by Secior, TM2YC, Andreas/Anjohan, or Yads, I’d love a PM.