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Fantasia - Special Edition laserdisc (Released)
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21-Jan-2022, 4:11 PM

Sorry that this has little to do with the topic at hand, but I find it absurd to say that Gab was removed for anything other than being a dangerous haven for white supremacy. Free speech does not allow me to engage in libel/slander, use racial epithets, or plan and execute an insurrection.

Having said that, I think the mere fact that we’re debating Gab and “PC police,” and not the Fantasia restoration, is against the spirit of this site. I come to Original Trilogy to read about and to discuss film, not politics. If people wish to debate, that’s fine, but please take it to Off Topic. In fact, I don’t know if there’s one there already, but perhaps all of the political aspects of Fantasia could have their own dedicated thread there? These tangents happen often.

Back on topic, I think Fantasia is a true work of art, and it’s long been my intention to own it with the original Fantasound mix. It’d be spectacular to see that recreated on 4K Blu-ray with Dolby Atmos!! In the meantime, I intend to learn more about Fantasia and to celebrate the great preservation efforts people here make! 😃