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HELP! Synchronizing dub audio track taken from VHS with MKV (ESB 97 SE)
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19-Jan-2022, 1:08 PM
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19-Jan-2022, 6:46 PM
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Can someone please help me with this? I’m at my wits’ end…

I’m trying to synch my native language (czech) dub audio of The Empire Strikes Back SE 1997 taken from VHS with Adywan’s 1080p reconstruction (not “Revisited”). But I’m keep failing.

My initial thoughts were: VHS (PAL) are 25 fps and Adywan’s file is 23.976 fps. So I just slowed down the czech track in audacity (change tempo) by -4.096% and though that will do the trick…but it didn’t.

I then tried to measure two same spots in both tracks so that the start and end align. I managed to align start and end of both tracks, but there were misalignments in the middle…

It is kinda hard to believe that there would any differences in each scene on vhs version and the one by Adywan, but that’s how it looks to me now…and yes, I was checking alignment of sounds with clear hits like laser blasts (definitely not something like vader’s dub).
VHS is 2000 Original Trilogy Special Edition box.

Here is a link for both audio files (both thinned down mp3 100mb each) if someone would be so kind and take a look
(btw, there is a short intro in the czech dub version which should be cut)

Any advice at this point would be helpful to me.