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Darth Sadifous
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Mando EP3: A New Path (A Book of Boba Fett Edit) [RELEASED]
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15-Jan-2022, 8:05 PM

“We Will Watch Your Career With Great Interest.” This series definetly is crying out to have a fan edit made of it. I am not really feeling through three epiodes, that the comment of “all killer no filler” from Robert Rodriguez has aged well. The flashback scenes have been impressive, but the post Mando Season Two scenes have left a lot to be desired. I am hoping the next few episodes ramp up the action and expand on Boba’s motivation for wanting to be a crime lord in more detail.

If not, a fan edit like yours may be my go to method for watching this story in the future. Loved the opening video with custom crawl you shared by the way. May the force be with you and keep up the good work!