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The Book Of Boba Fett (live action series) - a general discussion thread - * SPOILERS *
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14-Jan-2022, 8:13 PM

Darth Muffy said:

Ultimately the main issue is theres no actual character development “arc” as we go from the old bad ass Bobba to Rancor hugging compassionate Fett way to quickly.

I look forward to seeing what fanedits can do to better portray Bobbas transition arc though.

They have to tell this story in 7 chapters, instead of 10 or 22, and they’re not 1 hour long chapters either. They are condensing his story drastically, I mean how long was he really with the Tusken raiders, I’m sure it wasn’t a couple of days or a week. As stated before, when that lizard went up his nose and he was in that tree and broke that branch, he came out a new man, different from that of Boba Fett the bounty hunter.

He came out with a new honor code, one that helped the Mandalorian complete his mission.

He’s the same man, he just goes by different values than before.