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The Book Of Boba Fett (live action series) - a general discussion thread - * SPOILERS *
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13-Jan-2022, 7:43 PM

I was optimistic from the first episode, not the best but was entertaining and trying to set things up.

Second episode much more positive, liking it.

Third episode … yikes.

DISCLAIMER: Just my opinion, if you are happy with it, more power to ya! I am not saying the episode is trash or trying to be one of those guys you see on youtube or whatever over blow stuff … but I gotta admit I was a bit disappointed with this episode. Had some good, but was outweighed by the bad/meh.

Although I will still be optimistic about it, but I am fairly confused with Boba himself since there seems to be such a difference from Mandolorian Boba and now Book Boba. I am a ok with character growth and having Boba start “Low” to then put in the work to grow (You know, what we wanted Rey to do in Sequels) but they seem to be very different SPECIFICALLY from these two shows. I did not like the biker gang and their Vespas since it took me out of the show … not fitting at all. They MAY have worked on Coruscant, but instead they stuck out like they were on the wrong set on their way to a cyberpunk party.

Plus … thing were kinda wrapped up so quickly. Oh looks Black Coursant (have to keep the joke going) is here! This will be a cool fight … Done and gone. Oh, the twins are going to cause so much trouble for Boba! … Oh sorry, here’s a pet and we are going. The Tusken tribe flash back, they are developing a relationship with Boba … Killed off screen.

Granted, I am still optimistic about this show and will be there till the end. There’s stuff I like about it, especially the improvement from Episode 2, but this was a bummer of an episode.

So both episodes Rodriquez directed were the least enjoyable thus far … hmmmm.