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Max's Prequel Edits (a WIP)
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12-Jan-2022, 4:21 PM

I’m rethinking the opening sequence because it doesn’t flow. There is too much cutting back and forth between shortened scenes. And the throne room scene doesn’t feel right when the droid army is already occupying the city.

I might keep my basic outline intact by not showing the droid army going to Theed so early and keeping more of the Theed throne room scene so it’s not such a quick jump back to the Control Ship.

In editing the film, I’m becoming more aware of story-telling errors. Too often the same information is given multiple times and deflates the impact when it ultimately matters. I didn’t have a view on this before but Qui-Gon needed to be more plainly portrayed as the protagonist. I’m realizing why a number of editors completely cut Otoh Gunga. I’m keeping it but it is frustrating how little the underwater scenes do.

One small thing that is bothering me in the original film occurs right after Qui-Gon tells Jar Jar he’s headed into trouble. There is dialogue that appears to have been cut (Qui-Gon’s mouth starts moving which is what makes me crazy) and obscured by a Weequay walking in front. The original cuts/edits of that scene are awkward and I wonder why the scene seems so overworked.

I want Shmi to be freed too but haven’t settled on how to finesse this - anyone else tried to make this happen? The pod that won the Boonta Eve Classic would seem to be worth Shmi’s freedom.