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The Mandalorian - a general discussion thread - * SPOILERS *
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9-Jan-2022, 11:07 PM
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jedi_bendu said:

I disagree, because I think the scene where Din Djarin finally takes his helmet off in front of Grogu is what the season has been building to. It’s his last act to Grogu which proves how much he’s come to love him, and how much he’s accepted that he’s ready to move on from the strict customs of The Watch. I have some criticisms of Luke’s appearance, but that scene between them is beautiful and I can’t imagine the season without it. It would end resolving the plot of Din handing Grogu over to the Jedi, but it would lack everything that gives that moment any substance.

That’s a fair enough view j_b, and I’d certainly be content to re-watch the whole show again someday with the 2nd season ending play out as normal, despite my issues with it.

But I definitely find the less-than-convincing digital shots of Luke pretty distracting in the scheme of things…especially knowing that Shamook was able to improve them so well. So as a way to eliminate those distractions, I’d have no problem just ending things with the welcome surprise of the Jedi’s initial silent reveal instead, with the implication that everything will be fine now where Grogu is concerned, seeing as it’s Luke himself who has turned up…without needing to watch an actual parting of the ways between Grogu and Mando afterwards.

In addition, while I like the last piece of music that finishes off the existing finale, I reckon the section that plays over Luke’s initial reveal would make for an equally good note to end things on too, helping to make this a possible solution for me.

( I only hope that the little guy doesn’t hang around that ‘training temple’ for too long in the future… )