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4K83 - Released
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7-Jan-2022, 3:38 AM

I managed to get hold of 4k83 1.0 (pre-Sanjuro color grade). I had been watching 1.3 before and I like it but when it comes to 4k77 I prefer 1.0 colors over Sanjuros. A New Hope was shot in Technicolor and I feel Sanjuro’s grade doesn’t quite improve on it. Technicolor is/was notoriously beautiful after all. I do, however, understand that an SDR color gamut cannot produce the full range of Technicolor so color grading is necessary to a certain extent. To my knowledge, Technicolor prints do not fade so in the case of 4k77 there was much less color grading to do for 1.0 as opposed to 4k83. My questions are, would 4k83 1.0 be technically more accurate than 1.1 and beyond that have Sanjuro’s color grade? What was the reference for 1.0 grading? And what are your personal opinions if you have seen both?