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5-Jan-2022, 3:35 AM
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18-Jan-2022, 11:53 AM
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Ghostbusters Afterlife. It isn’t a bad movie about family, but its a bad Ghostbusters movie. I don’t know why i bother i should just stick with the first one. Every single sequel has been incredibly disappointing and i just keep setting myself up.

It was cool for 5 minutes when the original cast shows up and i smiled and had nostalgic feelings. But it was a waste of 20 dollars.

The kids all do a decent job, but i wanted Ghostbusters 3.

Watched Army of Darkness. Super Cheesy but also super fun. I haven’t had such a good time watching a movie in ages. Bruce Campbell is so good.

I watched All 4 Men in Black movies. Film 2 and 4 aren’t that bad and i honestly don’t understand why they are hated. And i also don’t get why people act like part 3 is the best. It isn’t that good. Tommy Lee Jones is barely in it. Brolin is overrated in this film.