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3-Jan-2022, 10:42 AM

Hi there. Sorry for the inevitable redundancy with other posts in this topic, but I really feel I should drop a few lines about myself before I do anything else.

I have been following Preservation Projects of the Original Trilogy for about 14-15 years now (it all started when I somehow stumbled upon Moth3r’s Laserdisc transfers)… and I really enjoy watching FanEdits, mostly of all the Star Wars movies that aren’t the Original Trilogy (I guess I’ve done that for at least 11 years now). I have been amazed and thankful for all the work and care that have gone into both of these endeavors - and even though I’ve stopped by this place very often to find info and insight on many of the projects that I found interesting, I always put off signing up. I much appreciate the exitance of this site and the people on here… so I’ll try to jump in to support the community every once in a while – and hope this won’t remain my only post (don’t quote Yoda now, please).