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Joel's Star Wars Holiday Special 1080P AI Upscale and Reconstruction (a WIP)
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2-Jan-2022, 5:43 PM

Hello all -

Inspired by YouTube user Nick Acosta’s Star Wars Holiday Special “4K 60FPS Modern Trailer,” I’ve started working on my own 1080P, 60fps version of everyone’s favorite Life Day celebration document. I’m using Topaz Video Enhance AI for the originally-shot-on-video parts (from the 2015 editdroid version), and D+77 for the majority of the originally-on-film stuff.

While working on this, though, I made a discovery: The footage of Darth Vader and “Bast” walking together in the SWHS is not the same take as the one included in the SW Blu Ray box set as “Darth Vader Widens the Search.” To make it more complicated, the scene as it exists in the SWHS was badly telecine’d. There are stretched frames, frames with extra lines, occasional blurs, etc.

Is this footage available from any other source than the Holiday Special?

Meanwhile, the rest is going smoothly! Thanks for your help in advance.