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The Book Of Boba Fett (live action series) - a general discussion thread - * SPOILERS *
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31-Dec-2021, 1:41 PM

I enjoyed it but I also query the Stormtrooper in the Sarlaac (not even a Sandtrooper with a Pauldron). One of Jabba’s goons would have created a connection to ROTJ rather than a question mark (wonder when TK-321 fell in?).

The Sand People too had previously been established up as low threat enemies “they startle easy… will soon be back in larger numbers”, and then we see a single Tusken absolutely wallop Boba Fett in a one-on-one. I guess Boba was in a weakened state, but the Tusken (female Tusken?) was still shown as a deadly capable fighter.

These are the nitpicks of a long term fan, but that’s what this forum is for!

Also, is this vintage toy now Star Wars canon?