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Black Alert
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Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Enhanced 4K & 1080p Edition (a WIP)
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29-Dec-2021, 4:24 PM

Hey guys, just found something sitting in a tiny corner of one of my backup-drives (can’t believe I actually forgot about that one).
When I first started to re-tune my workflow, I wanted to know if it could handle something that becomes more important as the seasons move on: Fast movement on multiple objects. Now I know neither DS9 or VOY do have many grand space battles with fast paced movements, but there are some scenes that I thought might become a problem.

So I went out looking for one or two scenes that may challenge the upscaler. Remember when DS9 took a little trip to the mirror universe late in season 4 and the mirror Defiant had to fight the Cardassians and the Klingons? Well, those are the scenes I have found.
Be advised: I did my upscaling and filtering, but I did no manual corrections on the CGI/VFX (usually I replace the scenes that are a bit wonky with the NTSC scenes, but this was just to take a “general look”.

So here are the two scenes (no unpacking, no password required) - I called them “Pattern Suicide”, because Smiley (Mirror O’Brien) was quite funny in this episode and that expression somehow stayed with me and always reminds me that the evil side can be hilarious as well): Suicide - Scene 1 (1080p from 4K).mkv?dl=0 Suicide%2C Scene 2 (1080p from 4K).mkv?dl=0

Have Fun!