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The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)
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29-Dec-2021, 3:15 AM

I noticed another subtitle error: in the hangar revelation scene the subtitles don’t reflect the change of Kylo’s sentence about the dyad. When he says, they’ve “become” a dyad in the force, the subtitles still state that they “are” a dyad.

That being said, I finished the rerun of all the sequel movies yesterday with my wife and we highly enjoyed every one of them! Especially the cleaned up motivations of Palpatine, Kylo and Rey were so much better in v2, even so that my wife - who only watched v1 with me one time last year - noticed it as one of the best things about this edit! When v1 let me made my peace with the movie itself, the extra work for v2 let me made my peace with the idea of Rey Palpatine. So thank you everyone, who participated here - it is truly an awesome achievement in fan editing, turning one - if not the most - disappointing cinema experience in my life into a thoroughly enjoyable one!