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Max's Prequel Edits (a WIP)
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29-Dec-2021, 1:44 AM

Mrebo said:

Thank you for the supportive comments 😃

I’ve taken a quick run at Meeting Anakin/Watto’s Shop. It needs polishing and maybe more trimming but I think works telling the story. Is a 4:20 (no pun intended) clip too long to share?

I’m curious about your work Eyepainter.

I’d be happy to send a PM if you’d like. Just say please.

I’m not sure how long is too long, but I did post a link to a 6-minute YouTube video I created detailing changes I made for my Terminator 2 fanedit. I haven’t gotten in trouble for it, so I think a 4:20 clip is probably okay. That is, unless the clip in question is offensive or obscene, but I doubt a clip of Episode I is gonna do that. I would say Jar Jar is obscene, but I think my definition is different from the moderators.