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27-Dec-2021, 12:15 PM
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Hello World!

I’m in Shanghai for more than 20 years now, and just realized an old dream: project the movies i like in a cinema.

i had the chance to get a 68 seat cinema room for a private projection of a french comedy few weeks ago that we couldn’t watch as we are stuck there because of Covid19.

Now i won’t stop here, and planning to project classics and movies that will never cross the chinese censorship/frontier. (No i don’t risk anything, they don’t really care of what we do privately between foreigners).

Anyway, i’m a big SF fan and of course Star Wars is on my top projection list along with Alien, Blade Runner, 2001 Space odyssey… you name it!

All those old movies we were too young (or not even born) to watch in Cinema!

I know the guy behind imperialboots and the 501e of Shanghai is working with me for blood donation drive. They are all ready to jump in their armors to watch the first trilogy in a cinema.

The cinema i found even tho is a real cinema room, all i can get is an HDMI cable to plug my laptop, for 1080p projection and stereo sound, i do not have the possibility to make full use of the whole equipment they have and that can only be used with legit media. Better than nothing!

I was thinking to project the despecialized version, but then a friend in HK talked to me about the 4k77 and all the work done to restore the original movie, so here i am!

The idea to have a projection that could get as close as possible as the original version is really thrilling! that’s exactly the kind of feeling i want to get! like getting into a british phonebooth and going back in time to be there at it’s first screening!

It is really great what you are doing guys! It make me think of all those movies made by Georges Méliès (another Georges doing SF hehe!) and that are only just mentioned in articles but nowhere to be seen ever again. His “trip to the moon” flims were believed to be lost for good but then retrieved and restored few years ago.