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The original full soundtrack of Batman and Batman returns including the extra Bonus cues, unused music, and alternative recordings was released by la-la land records some time ago, with only 3000 ever released, this album has been somewhat lost. but a few did survive and one of them is getting sold on Amazon for about 90 bucks:

There is only one left in stock, and I really want to record it and release it to the world, if you would like to donate to the cause, you could always donate in the “ABOUT” area of my youtube channel listed here:

Now onto the actual track listings:

Disc 1

Main Title* 2:42
Family*/First Batman*/Roof Fight* 3:24
Jack Vs. Eckhardt* 1:37
Up Building*/Card Snap* 1:54
Bat Zone*/Axis Set-Up* 1:55
Shootout* 5:42
Dinner Transition*/Kitchen Dinner*•/Surgery* 3:00
Face–Off*•/Beddy Bye* 3:59
Roasted Dude* 1:03
Vicki Spies (Flowers)* 1:56
Clown Attack* 1:59
Photos*/Beautiful Dreamer*† 2:30
Men at Work* 0:33
Paper Spin*/Alicia’s Mask* 0:30
Vicki Gets a Gift* 1:13
Alicia’s Unmasking* 1:10
Batman to the Rescue*/ Batmobile Charge*/Street Fight* 4:25
Descent Into Mystery* 1:33
Bat Cave*/Paper Throw* 2:48
The Joker’s Poem* 0:59
Sad Pictures* 0:38
Dream*/Challenge*/Tender Bat Cave*• 4:28
Charge of the Batmobile* 1:43
Joker Flies to Gotham (unused)/Batwing I 0:31
Batwing II*/Batwing III* 6:02
Cathedral Chase* 5:07
Waltz to the Death* 3:58
Showdown I*/Showdown II* 5:05
Finale*• 1:47
End Credits* 1:29
Total Time Disc 1: 75:40
Disc 2

The Batman Theme 2:37
Roof Fight 1:22
First Confrontation 4:43
Kitchen/Surgery/Face–Off• 3:09
Flowers 1:51
Clown Attack 1:46
Batman to the Rescue 3:57
Roasted Dude 1:02
Photos/Beautiful Dreamer† 2:31
Descent Into Mystery 1:33
The Bat Cave 2:35
The Joker’s Poem 0:59
Childhood Remembered 2:43
Love Theme• 1:30
Charge of the Batmobile 1:41
Attack of the Batwing 4:45
Up the Cathedral 5:05
Waltz to the Death* 3:56
The Final Confrontation 3:48
Finale•† 1:46
Batman Theme Reprise 1:31

News Theme* :11
Joker’s Commercial* 1:23
Joker’s Muzak (unused)* 1:15
Main Title (alternate 1)* 2:42
Photos*/Beautiful Dreamer (alt)• 2:33
Batman to the Rescue (original ending)
Charge of the Batmobile (film edit)* 1:47
Main Title (alternate 2)* 2:47
Total Time Disc 2: 68:20

  • Previously Unreleased
    • Includes “Scandalous” composed by Prince with John L. Nelson
    † Includes “Beautiful Dreamer” composed by Stephen Foster
    All tracks published by Warner-Barham Music LLC except where noted
    • Published by Controversy Music – Warner Olive Music LLC. † Published by Minder Music, Ltd.
    Disc 3

Birth* of a Penguin/ Main Title 5:38
Penguin Spies* 1:09
Shadow of Doom*/Clown Attack*/Introducing the Bat• 5:01
Intro*/The Zoo•/The Lair 6:00
Caught in the Act*/Uh-O* Max* 1:58
Kitty Party*/Selina Transforms• 5:30
Penguin’s Grand Deed* 1:50
The List Begins* :45
The Cemetery 2:56
Catwoman Saves Joan*/The New Woman* 2:03
Penguin’s Surprise 1:43
Bad, Bad Dog•/ Batman vs. Circus/ Selina’s Shopping Spree• 5:42
Cat Chase• 2:12
Candidate Cobblepot* :58
The Plan*/Kidnapping* 2:32
Sore Spots/Batman’s Closet* 3:22
The Plot Unfolds* 1:15
Roof Top Encounters• 4:49
Batman’s Wild Ride• 4:19
Fall from Grace• 4:17
Revealed*/Party Crasher* 3:18
Total Time Disc 3: 68:08
Disc 4
THE SCORE (cont’d)

Umbrella Source/ The Children’s Hour/War• 7:53
Final Confrontation•/Finale 9:15
A Shadow of Doubt•/ End Credits• 6:15
Face to Face 4:18
Performed by Siouxsie and the Banshees

The Zoo (alternate)• 1:00
The List Begins (alternate)* :45
Cat Chase (alternate ending)• 2:13
Roof Top Encounters (original)• 4:49
Fall from Grace (alternate ending)• 4:17
The Lair, Part I :57
The Lair, Part II 4:51
Selina Transforms, Part I 1:12
Selina Transforms, Part II 4:15
Batman vs. The Circus 2:35
Cat Suite 5:43
A Shadow of Doubt (alternate)•/End Credits (alternate) 7:02

Super Freak* 3:23
Total Time Disc 4: 71:27

  • Previously Unreleased
    • Contains Previously Unreleased Material

Also, here is an HD recreation of the album cover:

This is actually a compressed version, the full version will be released with the music.

EDIT: It’s officially released!!! if you want a link to the mega folder, PM me.