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What 'a Star Wars Story' / anthology / spinoff film would you like to see?
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19-Dec-2021, 12:34 PM
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19-Dec-2021, 4:51 PM
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A Disney+ series 8-10 episodes 40+ minutes long per episode.

A young Leia (around 12), and Bail Organa (before Jimmy Smits gets any older) Let’s explore Alderaan some, let’s see Leia’s Alderaan training. Clearly she’s had some weapons training (into the garbage chute, Flyboy!)

Can she pilot a ship like Anakin? Does she have those quick reflexes that force users have?

Does Yoda try to contact her? Does Obi-wan try to contact her? A Ewan McGregor cameo or voice over.

Maybe Leia’s dreams are visions of Yoda/Kenobi, or of far away places and she doesn’t understand them.

You could have Leia having nightmares about Vader, but it’s just a dark shadowy figure. She could also see images of her mother, bittersweet moments.

The droids with C-3P0 in a few episodes, but mostly R2-D2.

Mon Mothma could arrive to visit Bail Organa

Let’s have an adventure on Alderaan, let’s get to know the planet before it explodes.

These are just some of the things they could explore, just to have an idea

Would anyone like something like this?