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Preserving the...cringe...Star Wars Holiday Special (Released)
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17-Dec-2021, 3:30 PM
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17-Dec-2021, 6:02 PM
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CatBus said:

I guess telecined 24p film-based material was spliced into native 60i video material. I’m not sure how to make that look vaguely natural throughout except to keep it interlaced (well, deinterlace, process, and reinterlace). 60p messes with the 24p-sourced material, and 24p messes with the 60i-sourced material.

Yeah - maybe the solution is 3:2 pulldown (3 frames from one frame and 2 of the next) but not interpolated? Is there software that does that? I will investigate.

Maybe an upres of SWHS will be my next project. I’ll download a trial of Topaz AI and see.


For those interested, I was able to convert the Editdroid ISO to 60fps with no interpolation via handbrake, then de-interlace/uprez via Topaz AI. The result is the original 3:2 pulldown with no motion smoothing/“soap opera effect,” but playing at 60fps at 2x the original resolution (1244x952). It looks soft, I think, because the original telecine is soft, but I will experiment with the various AI settings.

Preliminary (and encouraging!) trial run for approx 2 seconds of footage is here:

Now the question is whether to buy Topaz AI, to which the answer is probably ‘yes.’