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Disney Plus should release all of the theatrical versions of the Star Wars movies on their service
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17-Dec-2021, 12:52 PM

I prefer the unaltered trilogy versions of the original Star Wars trilogy. The special editions of the original Star Wars trilogy are still better than the prequels and sequels in my opinion. The Disney movies are my second favorite with the prequel trilogy being my least favorite movies. Episode 1 is my favorite prequel trilogy film. I wish Disney Plus could release the original DVD Puppet version of episode 1 and original theatrical version of episode 1. All of the prequels should have the option of watching the original theatrical releases. I heard in episode 3, there were different versions of the movie. Padme said this is how liberty dies in one version and this is how democracy dies in an additional theater version. Why did episode 3 have different dialogue versions? Disney plus should just release all of the cuts of all 11 Star Wars movies in my opinion. Also, Disney should make the Holiday Special available on Disney Plus. I think the Holiday Special is better than the prequels just because of Fisher’s singing.