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15-Dec-2021, 1:49 AM
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I watched Cry Macho. It was just okay. It wasn’t anything grand and it is far from Eastwood’s best. But i couldn’t hate it because he is such a legend.

But it wasn’t a tenth as good as The Mule, or Gran Torino.

I also watched both versions of Dune. The 2021 was very good and it ended just as things got interesting. But it was all setup. The 1984 was bizarre, wooden acting/ no charisma for Paul Atreides. It was like two separate movies jumbled together. Still would like to see the version the director wanted. I noticed Chani was played by Sean Young, but if i blinked i wouldn’t have noticed her because she is barely in the movie.

I did notice something i never noticed before though that Paul Atreides was ripped off for Anakin Skywalker, its even more apparent reading the novel. Especially the prequel version of Anakin being the chosen one/savior.