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14-Dec-2021, 10:27 AM

Star Wars: Abridged I The Republic - subjectzero edit of Star Wars Episodes 1-3 Phantom Menace, Attack of Clones, Revenge of Sith,

This is one of the better 3 in one edits of the prequels I’ve seen. It does a good job of knowing which scenes to leave in and which to cut out from both of the movies. The transition between Clones and Revenge is perfect and I was surprised at how well editing Attack of the Clones into 40 minutes worked. I really liked how you edited out the climax of Clones it worked really well. One more thing I loved about this edit is the text that appears on-screen letting us know which planet we’re on. It’s implemented really well and helps with establishing where we are. There was another narrative change in Attack of the Clones that I thought worked perfectly centered around Kamino and Geonosis, which makes me excited to check out the other two edits.

While the new narrative works pretty well, but I do have some critiques for it. First off I like the idea of the opening scene being Anakin leaving his mom but the execution wasn’t quite there. Also, I love using the deleted scenes of Padme and her family, but the quality of the image is noticeably less good. This isn’t really a problem in the close-up shots and mid-shots, where the quality is not significantly lower, but it’s a huge problem in the wide shots where the quality looks way too blurry. The narrative improvement is worth the lower quality though but it has to be mentioned. There is also a really obvious edit in the Naboo scenes where the music cuts out way too soon after we see Anakin and Padme start their relationship, and again the cut right before they leave Naboo is too abrupt. However, that those are really my only issues with the edit is remarkable considering the amount of material that needs to be cut. The Revenge of The Sith portion of the edit is edited near perfectly, and I’d recommend it to anyone.