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Attack of the Clones - Altered and Extended Edition (V.1 Now Complete and Released)
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8-Dec-2021, 5:22 PM

T-202 said:

EditModd said:

Just created a mockup for a Clone Wars “ending montage” for a potential V.2. It’s very rough and has no sound effect or score, and is more of a proof of concept. It uses clips from the Dark Times and several other cinematics. When V.2 comes around I hope to make my own cinematics to match the aesthetic of the first clip from Dark Times. The purpose is to really cement home the idea that the Galaxy is now engaged in a full-scale war, and to adopt George Lucas’s early ROTS ideas of wanting a montage of the Clone Wars, albeit in a different way.

Password: fanedit

I like the concept, and I think this could really work within the context of your edit!

Thank you! I really appreciate any positive comments or criticisms, or people taking the time to follow this edit. I’d have to find a good music track to fit in, hopefully something from Battlefront II would fit in well.