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The Star Wars Holiday Special: Remastered and Restored (Released)
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28-Nov-2021, 10:47 AM

It is a shock to see the Special in widescreen and the opening start destroyers so clear – and then to shift to a fairly muddy-looking main program. Not a bad shock, just a surprise – I’d somehow missed that word in the opening post.

As nobodybutjarjar42 asked a few posts earlier, which transfer did you use? The EditDroid transfer really is fabulous, and if you’re going to be cropping and zooming it’s probably the best place to start.

And if I may offer an opinion…

At times the widescreen seemed too severe. The moment that stuck out the most is when the Imperial officer’s transmission came in looking for the missing trooper. It seemed so HUGE that I wonder if it might have been wiser to aim for an aspect ratio of 1.78 (plain old widescreen TV) rather than the 2.35 you used. Just as pan-and-scan of an old movie to a 1.33 screen was a sad thing once upon a time, here you’ve lost almost half the original image if I’ve done my maths correctly.

That said, a great experiment.