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Star Wars releases you previously disliked, but now like or enjoy?
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27-Nov-2021, 11:28 AM
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28-Nov-2021, 10:34 AM
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They hype for The Phantom Menace in 1999 was incredible. It’s one of my greatest Star Wars memories. I’d grown up with the Original Trilogy, but now I was older and on my own and with plenty of disposable income to enjoy it all my way. My opinion on the movie itself however was mixed.

There were aspects of the prequels I loved, but others I decidedly didn’t. I had a narrow idea of what Star Wars was. Neither Clone Wars animated series interested me either. They just seemed like kid versions of something I was already unsure about. The overwhelming amount of prequel-era styled material overshadowing the original aesthetic that I considered to be the real Star Wars only made me more unhappy.

One day I was home sick on the couch and bored with everything I could find to watch. I decided to give Rebels a try. I hated the animation style at first, but appreciated that it was more in the style of the original trilogy. This was the gateway. Long story short, my idea of what Star Wars was started to grow. This was also close to the time of The Force Awakens, so I went from feeling like the Original Trilogy was all the Star Wars I’d ever have, to this huge explosion of so much Star Wars to consume.

Not sure exactly why, but something just clicked, and I’m glad it did. Some of the very best Star Wars moments can be found in those animated shows. I went from not liking the looks of the animation to loving it. I still have issues with parts of the prequels, but this more open-mindedness allowed me to enjoy them more than I ever had before. The things that bothered me were still there, but somehow didn’t matter as much anymore. I think this mindset is also why I enjoyed the sequels as much as I did.

To anyone not enjoying this current era of Star Wars, all I can say is be patient. I’m sure it seems as though you’ll never find more Star Wars to enjoy again, and that new Star Wars has taken over, but nothing stays the same. Maybe the next iteration will have something for you, and when you look back you could find something you overlooked.