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Fantasia - Special Edition laserdisc (Released)
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26-Nov-2021, 12:27 AM
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MattMahdi said:

If my choices make credit card companies unwilling to associate with me, whether for their own reasons or because of perceived backlash from their stakeholders then that is MY problem.

That said, there is always collateral damage. Living in WA state, I’m reminded of when marijuana was legalized and banks would not deal with companies that sold the stuff because their national standing as corporations put them at potential risk with the federal government. Unintended consequences of well-meaning people who had the neat idea of legalizing the stuff.

I can see your point about a PC police. Things do get taken too far with cancelation culture.

And I also wonder if what we’re doing is, in fits and spurts, trying to work our way into a better world.

We won’t get there by rewriting our pasts, though, a la 1984, but by acknowledging them and moving beyond them.

I do agree it’s their choice, but the fact that they are all united in the same choices is very chilling. It means that one entity controls everything and denies rights to who they see fit, regardless of what is allowed under the law. Essentially, the free market system is a lie.